Update 2005.11.15: Added a pdf with some documentation, examples and performance evaluation of PySE.

Update 2005.11.02: Upload of a minor revision, pyse-0.3.1. Some import statements in the examples are changed.

Update 2005.11.01: I have done a major revision to the software. The current software is renamed, the new name is PySE, Python Stencil Environment. The new version number is 0.3. Now, installation can be done using distutils in the common way (python install). All dependencies which can not be downloaded elsewhere (like the plotting module mentioned earlier) are now included in the tarball. There is also a new example subdirectory in the released file.

Update 2005.09.24: Major update of the webpages for PyFDM! Also, we have a working distutils for the DegMatSparse library. Expect a new release soon. I promise to include plotting support this time.

Update 2005.09.04: Release 0.2 is up. Lots of enhancements to the user interface, as well as some performance enhancement. In addition to regular bug-fixes of coarse. PyFDM now depends on a few C/C++ extensions. These are included in the download, and need to be compiled and installed. Unfortunately, only the simplest of them does have a working distutils file. Regarding the plotting modules which are required, the author have accepted that I include the files directly in pyFDM with proper attribution. I will do so in the next release.

Update 2005.07.06: Update of the webpage!

Update 2005.06.23: Initial release is up. Go check out the project-page. It is very rough, though.

Update 2005.06.19: I will very soon now (TM) update the project with the first beta release of the PyFDM software. With it you will be able to solve, with not to much effort, relatively complex linear partial differential equations (PDEs) using the finite difference method (FDM). Logo

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