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Some of you may have been directed here due to PySE being mentioned in an article in a recent volume of Computing in Science and Engineering, the "Python: Batteries included" volume. You will quite easy figure out that the PySE project is in a resting phase, I have not updated the tool recently. Basically, I made this as part of my Ph.D, and have not had the time or incentive to work on it afterwards. But if there are some demands, pleace contact me at Most notabely, PySE should be updated to use the newer numpy, but there are probably other things that can be done to like better support for nonlinear and higher order problems. Also, on the geometry side, there are things that needs to be done. So - if you have requests, or want to dive in and make PySE better, please get in touch!


PySE, Python Stencil Environment, is a new python library for solving Partial Differential Equations with the Finite Difference Method (FDM). This is still a quite new library, and the current release must be considered as beta software. It is quite rough around the edges, installation is manual and some minor dependencies are even missing in the released software. But as PySE already is functional, I have chosen to release the software.

PySE will be a component of PyFDM, a more complete package for working with finite difference methods in python. The functionality of PyFDM is not planned at the moment.

The requirements for PySE are: Python 2.4, numarray 1.3 or newer, Numeric 23.8 or newer, swig 1.3.24 or newer, and pypar 1.9.2. Older verions may or may not work!

PySE is developed and tested on Linux and MacOSX. Windows is unsupported at the moment. Howewer, all the components of PySE will probably be functional on windows (If someone volunteer to do the testing, please report to me!).

PyFDM has the regular project-page at sourceforge very software can be downloaded. PySE should be downloaded from that page! Logo

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